Energy Harvesting Can Free Our World

Electro Mechanical Developments Ltd

Energy Harvesting

In the last 20 years we have seen a shift towards clean energy solutions, there are wind farms popping up everywhere providing us with low carbon electricity, more and more rooftops converting the sun’s rays into energy for our homes.  The world is becoming a greener place.

We have also seen an explosion in information technology, everything you need is on-line, accessed by your computer, tablet or phone.  Information more than ever is empowering us as individuals and as companies.

All of this information requires infrastructure a network of sensing equipment, communication nodes and the means to analyse and deliver data, and above all it requires power!  All of this would be great if every piece of equipment could just hook into the national power grid, but in hazardous, remote or inaccessible places that isn’t always possible.  Batteries have long been the answer, but with the increase in data requirement, batteries are simply not lasting long enough to be a cost effective solution.

Here EMD can help by combining our knowledge of energy harvesting and ultra-low power electronics, we can offer a low cost power solution which would out-live any battery option by decades.

EMD have already developed one of the worlds smallest power harvesting and conditioning devices, converting energy from minute vibrations into useable power.

Power can be harvested from our environment capturing energy from tiny movements, from heat, light or even sound.  If you have sensing and communication equipment and are thinking of or are already using batteries, contact EMD today to find out if energy harvesting could help you save on op-ex costs.